How do I add, edit, or delete products or categories?

If you need to make changes to your products for the Zenput Labels printer, go to the Labels section from the left navigation of the Zenput website. To change your Categories, click the Categories sub-section under Labels.

From there, you can see your lists of products and categories and create new ones.


Creating/Edit Products

To create a Product, click 'Create Product' on the top right of the Labels section.

To edit or delete an existing product or category, hover over the product or category from the list, click the button on the right side (see below), and select 'Edit' or 'Delete'.


Each product has the following information: Name, Translations (the app will translate Products to this name depending on which language the mobile app is set to), Category, and Expiration details for the Received, Prepped, and In-Use stages. 

For each stage, you can select from two types of expirations (or have no expiration for that stage): Date on Package or Calculated Date.

After you make your selections, the Example box on the right will show you exactly how this product will be calculated with the settings you chose. 


Each category will have Name, Color, and Translation (if applicable).

Simply name your category, select a color code (you won't be able to select a color that is already in use), and select a language and type in the translated category (if applicable).



If you have a large list of products or categories, please contact your Customer Success Manager and they'll be happy to help.



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