How to: Create a form (Admin)

disclaimer.png Please Note:

  • To save changes, make sure to click 'Publish'.
  • There is no way to create customized categories or edit the existing form categories.
  • In order for forms to be seen by those you wish to complete them, you have to press "Publish", as well as distributing the form. 

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    1. Build a form from Scratch
      1. Form Builder
    2. Adding a score/formula
    3. Setting up, follow-up tasks & alerts
    4. Configuring the form for All
    5. Distributing the form to be filled out

How to Build a Form from Scratch: 

To begin, navigate to the Forms section of your Zenput account from the web-app.


Click 'New Form' in the top right corner of your home screen


A window will appear asking if you would like to create a new form from scratch or upload a form to Zenput support to create on your behalf. Select 'Blank Form'.


Form Builder Page

After clicking 'Blank Form' you will then be taken to the form builder page.


    • The article_icon.pngtypes of questions available to be added to your form are in the leftmost windowpane.
    • The structure of the form you are building is in the center windowpane.

Begin by selecting a form category and giving your form a name.

Once your form has a name and category, begin adding questions from the question fields on the left. You can either click on the question types to add the field to your form at the bottom, or you can drag and drop a question type if you would like to add the field between questions that are already present in a form. 

  • The question details and options will appear in the rightmost windowpane as you begin to build your form.
  • If you would like to make specific questions required: Click on the checkbox underneath the question. 

For more about all the different types of questions and possibilities here are some helpful articles:


  • Select the question from the form in the middle and start entering the details of the question you are going to ask. You will need to give the question a label (EX. Does the customer area present a clean and welcoming environment?)
    • Optionally, you may add instructions necessary for the person filling out the form to answer the question, as well as attaching a photo or pdf to help the person who will be filling out the form.
  • To rearrange the order of the question fields that you have already added to your form, simply drag and drop the field to any part of the form. If you're ready to save your edits and changes make sure to click 'Publish'.


  • Once you think you have your form completed, select the 'Preview Form' button in the upper right-hand corner to see what the form will look like to your people in the field using the Zenput mobile app.


After previewing the form to ensure that it will meet your requirements, make sure to save your changes by clicking 'Publish'.

  • If you leave the page without saving your unpublished changes you will get an alert and the option to save before leaving by clicking 'OK' to publish the changes then. 

Score (Formula Builder)

The following screen is where you can add scoring for any formula fields you have added to your form using the questions you have created. *If your form does not have formula fields, simply select the next button to progress to the next step.


Select the formula you would like to start creating from the list of formulas you have added to the form in the middle.


    1. Select the type of formula you are going to build (Sum, Subtract, Average, or Percentage).
    2. You also have the option to allow N/A fields to be scored 
    3. Add questions from the left to your formula. You can simply click on the questions to add them, drag them from the left into your formula, or select multiple questions at once by clicking in the boxes next to the question name and dragging to the formula builder.
    4. Once you have all the questions added to your formula, assign each question its value in the formula.
    5. After you've completed creating your formulas, make sure to save your changes by clicking "Publish".

NOTE: If you have a more complex/advanced formula you would like to be included in your form, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or  and let us know what formula you would like.

Triggers Page

The triggers page is where you will set up where a form is sent once it is submitted, as well as any Follow-up tasks or Alerts when specific criteria are met:
(Ex. When a question is marked no, generate an automatic follow-up task to the location manager to address the issue).

More information on setting up triggers can be found at:
article_icon.pngTriggers: How do I set automated follow-up tasks and alerts?

  • Automatic routing options include:
    1. Send a copy of submission via email to form submitter
    2. Send a copy of submission via email to the location email address
    3. Send a copy of submission to Dropbox (if Dropbox is enabled in account)
  • Additionally, you may also send a copy of the submission to:
    1. A role in your hierarchy.
      disclaimer.png(PLEASE NOTE: This option is only available if you have a location field in your forms, which we HIGHLY recommend)
      (Ex. Every time the form is submitted, you would like the district manager responsible for the stores under the respective hierarchy to send a copy of the submissions via email.)
    2. A user in your account. 
    3. An email address (helpful for when the submission needs to go to a person that does not have a Zenput account)
    4. Once you have set up where and to whom you would like the form submissions to go to either by Role, User, or E-mail, make sure to save your changes and click 'Publish'. 

Form Configuration Page

article_icon.pngHow to: Configure Tab in the Form Builder (Admin)


  1. Here you will select if you want your form to be a 'Private Form'.
    disclaimer.png(Please read more about private forms before making a form private as it is irreversible.)
    article_icon.pngPrivate Forms - How to use them.
  2. Allowing other adminis in your account to edit the form at a later time.
  3. Hiding unanswered questions in the submission copy that is emailed once a form is submitted. (Set up above from the triggers page)
  4. Allowing users to select from the entire list of locations in the Zenput account
    (not just restricted to the stores in their own hierarchy).
  5. Allowing users to prefill the form from the data that they last submitted at the same location.
  6. Restricting users from attaching photos from their devices' photo gallery, forcing them to take a live photo when asked on a form.
  7. Show previous answers when Yes/No fields are answered “No.”

Once you are finished selecting configuration options select 'Publish'.

Distribution Page

This is the last and most important step. How will you distribute the form to your team? Do you want them to be assigned tasks between specific timeframes? Do you want them to have access to the form at all times not just during specific times?

From the Distribution screen you can set up the following:


    1. Create a project, so users can view on their mobile apps as tasks.
      More information about project information can be found at the links below. 
    2. Distribute the form to a user, role or team for them to fill out on an ad-hoc (available as needed, static forms, always available under My Forms for submitters) basis as well as designate which users can Edit All Submissions, Edit Own Submissions, View Own Submissions.
      For more information here is an article:
      article_icon.pngWhat are the different types of privileges/permission levels?
    3. From here you can also see what projects are currently using this form on a recurring basis. 
    4. Make sure to save your unpublished changes by clicking 'Publish' and whomever this form was distributed to will be able to see any/all changes you have made. Depending on how their article_icon.pngnotification settings are set up they will receive a notification that a form has been shared with them (if an ad-hoc form). 
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