Creating a daily recurring project in Zenput (Admin) (Video)

Start by going to Projects, click 'Create Project', and select what kind of task you would like to assign (Form, Photo, or Basic). 

disclaimer.png Please note, you cannot start a project on the same day

  1. You can assign a title to the project
  2. Provide description/instructions underneath (optional)
  3. Select which location you would like to assign this task for.
    1. If you would like to limit which teams this task is assigned to you would enter the name of the team.
    2. You can also assign the task to a specific role at those locations.
    3. You can also assign the task to 'ANY ROLE' so that anyone at those locations can complete the task.
    4. You can also select specific locations from the drop-down menu or those with attributes as well. 
  4. Next, select the frequency of how often you would like it to recur, in this example, it is a daily project, and then select what day of the week you would like it to be available each week and when you would like the project to start as well as when it is due either by the end of the week or between a certain time. 
    1. Auto-Archive: We suggest you leave the automatically chosen option to auto-archive to prevent a culmination of overdue tasks unless you would like the task to be able to be completed even past the due time. 
  5. Reporting: You can then add one or multiple report recipients that will receive the Project Recap and then select 'Save'. 

*If you would like a Form task to be assigned multiple times a day repeat the steps above and make sure to enter what time the task should be available and is due for each one. (For example, one is due between 8am-11am, the next between 12pm -3pm, and the last one between 5pm-10pm) 

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