How to: Use and distribute a Private Form (Special Feature) (Admin)

Private forms are a secure way to collect sensitive data from the Zenput mobile
application. Private forms are an upgrade to your normal Zenput service. 

If you would like to enable the private forms feature flag on your account, please contact your customer success manager for pricing information.

Using the Private forms feature you will be able to collect sensitive data and control who has the ability to view the data that comes back from the form submissions. 

When enabled, Zenput users will be able to submit a form that no one in the account (except for the person who made the form private) will be able to view unless explicitly being given permission to do so.

The creator of the form will have the ability to allow certain Zenput users in their account to view any data associated with a private form on a user by user or hierarchy dependent (distributed by role) basis from the distribution settings in the form.

disclaimer.pngImportant Notes:

  • Making a form private is an irreversible process. Once a form is made private, you will never be able to make it public again. Do not make a form private unless you are absolutely sure you want to.
  • When you have a private form, you CANNOT have an attribute and allow for the form to be submitted from any location. It has to be one or the other, otherwise the locations will NOT be able to select the location when filling out the form. 
  • Reporting is available for Private forms as long as the correct permissions are set up (i.e. View all Submissions). However, you are NOT able to save the report to go out on a recurring basis. 
    • Submissions (List View) will appear after the distribution update is made, any submissions thereafter will be visible. 

To make a form private:

  1. Navigate to the forms section of the Zenput web app.
  2. Find the form you would like to make private and select the edit button.
  3. Select 'Configure'
  4. Select the 'Make this form private' button
  5. A confirmation window will appear to ask if you really want to make the form private.
  6. Please remember that once a form is made private, the process cannot be reversed. If you would like to proceed select "Confirm".

Now that you have made your form private, you will need to distribute and make sure the right people have access to the data coming back on the private form.

Distributing and restricting access to Private Forms:

  1. In the form builder select the "distribute" button near the top.
  2. In order to determine who has access to submit or view the form submission data, you must grant access and permission from the form sharing area.
  3. You can choose to select specific users, roles or teams in your account to share with. In this case, John Shea (the forms creator) will grant "submit only" access to the form with every user with the role of "Store Manager" in his account, and will also grant "Viewing and Submitting" access to all District managers in the hierarchy above the store manager.
    • In this example, District managers will only be able to view the form submissions from Stores they oversee in the hierarchy that has been set up in Zenput.       
    • Store managers will have access to the form from the 'My Forms' section of their mobile applications. However, once the form is submitted they will not be able to view the form submission.
    • Only users in the distribution list will be able to view or submit a private form. If you require other admins to be granted access to view this form or its data, they must be added and given "Edit all Submissions" access to the form. 
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