Submitter Mobile App Training Guide

Please use this guide as supplemental training for your submitter level users who are going to be using the Zenput mobile application.

This is a great resource to provide to new team members to help them understand how to use Zenput as part of their daily job requirements.

When to contact Zenput:
- The mobile app isn't working correctly on my device
- I'm having photo or camera problems when filling out a form
- My completed form won't submit
- I'm not receiving automated emails from Zenput (such as copies of completed submissions or a password reset link)
- Other technical issues specific to your account or device (not company-wide)

When to contact your Zenput company admin:
- I have suggestions for improving the content or format of the questions on one of our checklist/audit templates
- I am assigned to complete a task at a site that doesn't belong to me
- I don't have access to the correct forms from my account
- I don't think I have the appropriate permission/access level on Zenput

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