Static IP Configuration for Monnit Gateway

Static IPs can be assigned to a Monnit gateway by accessing the local configuration page on the device, or through the iMonnit portal. Assigning a static IP through the iMonnit portal requires that the gateway have the ability to connect to the iMonnit cloud in order to pull down the local static IP configuration. Given the requirement of a static IP likely restricts the ability for the gateway to connect out to the iMonnit cloud, configuration via a direct connection to the device is preferred. There are two parts to the process (1) AutoIP Mode (the ability to connect to the device directly) and (2) Local Configuration (where the device settings can be updated.


AutoIP Mode -

AutoIP Mode is enabled by connecting the gateway directly to a computer with an Ethernet port. During this process, the AutoIP self-assigned IP of can be used to connect directly to the gateway.

disclaimer.pngNote: accessing the gateway via AutoIP mode provides a read-only view of the gateway configuration. In order to edit the gateway settings, the local configuration most must be entered.


Local Configuration - see section “Activate the HTTP Interface (local configuration page)”

Following the steps below will place the gateway into configuration mode - once in that state, the gateway is no longer in read-only mode and configuration settings can be updated.

  • Power the gateway off.

  • Press and hold the physical Utility button on the gateway.

  • Power the gateway on (continuing to hold the button down).

  • When all three LED’s illuminate and remain solid red, release the button.

  • The gateway’s HTTP Interface (local configuration page) will be active for two minutes.

    • If using AutoIP mode and connected to the gateway directly, the device will be accessible at

    • If not connecting to the device directly, it can still be accessed by visiting the IP address that has been assigned to the gateway (either by DHCP or a static lease)

Once connected, clicking “Settings” at the top of the page will allow the following values to be set:

  • IP Address (set to for DHCP)

  • Router IP Address (set to for DHCP)

  • Subnet Mask (set to for DHCP)

  • DNS server

Clicking “Save Changes” will save all entries and reboot the gateway. If the error “Access is currently restricted to read-only operations.” is encountered, the time limit for Local Configuration mode may have lapsed and the above steps should be repeated.

Below is a pdf of the article for quick offline access. 
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