How to: Pause tasks (Admins)

If you would like to pause tasks either because of holidays or due to a temporary closing at your locations below is how to do this depending on your needs. 

Temporarily Closing Locations for more than one or two days

In terms of pausing tasks, what we are doing, in essence, is moving the location outside the criteria, in this case, the hierarchy to receive tasks. The best way is to remove the 'Owner/User' from the location, and then remove the User and Location from the hierarchy team.


  1.  From the web-app go to Hierarchy
  2. Find and click on the restaurant location you want to pause tasks for, temporarily for more than a few days.
  3. Click the three dots and select "Edit Location".
  4. Remove 'Owner' from the location, towards the bottom, and "Save".
  5. Then from the dashboard again, click Hierarchy.
  6. Select Team the restaurant was in, and X out the User and Location for the restaurant, and "Save". 

Now, when you look at the Hierarchy tab, any 'unassigned' users and locations would NOT be receiving tasks.

To start them back up, you would do the steps in reverse - reassign the owner and put them back in the right area. It does take 2 days for the tasks to start running again (If I do it anytime on Monday, we can assume they will be there Wednesday).

Temporarily Closing Locations for Holiday/Inclement Weather/etc.

If a store is temporarily closed for a short amount of time, it is also an option to allow the tasks to run, and then delete the tasks after the fact so that they do not get counted against on their task completion credit. This might make sense if a store is only closed for a few days since it takes 48 hours to turn off/on the tasks.


  1. From the web-app go to Tasks
  2. Filter by Location desired, change to Status=Missed, and delete the pre-filled dates. 
  3. Select the tasks you want to delete.
  4. Click "Delete" on the bottom right-hand side. disclaimer.png Please make sure you are ONLY deleting the tasks you mean to delete because once they have been deleted the action can not be undone, they are gone forever.

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