PCI Compliance

In a world of continuous digital development, we must drive our organization to adapt to new technologies and learn about its standards and policies. All businesses strive to provide the best customer experience possible, and an essential piece to achieving that is also taking into consideration the safety and privacy of the customers.

Electronic payments have become the fastest and less error-prone way of receiving funds. Therefore, it is very important to protect customers’ data and prevent network-based attacks to be able to boost customers’ confidence with using card payments and improve operational efficiency for the organization.

Every business that stores, processes, and transmits debit and credit card data must comply with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard as it is mandated by credit card companies to ensure the security of transactions.

A few tips on how Zenput can help:

Creating a PCI Compliance form for your locations will ensure that credit card information is being handled in a secure manner. Since Zenput’s forms are updated in the system in real time, you can feel safe that your teams will have the most up to date PCI Compliance information possible. 

  • Utilize the Instruction question to keep PCI Compliance policies up to date and make sure that stores know what to do if they do happen to find a skimmer or other violation.
  • Share the form with all stores by creating a Project. Navigate to the “Distribute” tab on the form builder and select the ¨Create Project¨ button. From here, select the team, role, and recurrence for those users that will need to receive the form as a task.
  • Utilize Zenput’s Project section to track the progress of the project. This will allow you to see which locations have completed the PCI Compliance form and which ones haven’t.

If you would like to have this form template added to your Zenput account, please copy and paste the message below into the Chat function in Zenput and our Support team will add it for you: 

“Hi Support, can you please add the form below to our account? PCI Compliance : Loss Prevention Pillar - 452773” 

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