Cash Audit

Are you ensuring that your tills and safe amounts are accurate?

Over the past couple of years, the cost of doing business has increased exponentially. In order to continue to operate in a world of tight margins, organizations have to be more diligent and smarter than ever. Fortunately, there are many ways operators can prevent loss and improve asset protection.  

Cash Auditing on a regular cadence is key to driving profitability. Establishing processes for proper documentation of cash received and accurate cash and deposit balances can reduce the risk of irregularities. Moreover, errors are more likely to be identified and addressed sooner, which results in reducing the potential impact of losses.

Conducting Cash Audits unlocks higher authenticity and accuracy in data capture, which, in the long run, can help your organization find better insights and make greater business decisions.

A few tips on how Zenput can help:

  • Create a Cash Audit form for your stores and utilize formulas to automatically make calculations
  • Set a recurrence for your Cash Audit by creating a Project. Navigate to the “Distribute” tab on the form builder and select the ¨Create Project¨ button. From here, select the team, role, and recurrence for those users that will need to receive the form as a task.
  • Utilize Zenput’s Project section to track the progress of the project. This will allow you to see which stores have completed the Cash Audit form and which ones haven’t.
  • Add triggers to your form to alert field teams, HQ, or anybody who should be notified whenever there is a discrepancy in the cash count. 
  • Utilize Zenput’s Form reporting to track data over time. Identifying irregularities and common overages/shortages can enable your organization to proactively focus on those areas and reduce loss.

If you would like to have this form template added to your Zenput account, please copy and paste the message below into the Chat function in Zenput and our Support team will add it for you: 

“Hi Support, can you please add the form below to our account? Cash Audit: Loss Prevention Pillar - 465644”

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