Loss Prevention

Profit. It’s the key to allowing us to continue to operate, service our customers, pay our team members, and ultimately, continue to grow our business. We operate in a world with tight margins. Over the course of the last couple of years, the cost of doing business has accelerated dramatically. Margins have and continue to shrink. The good news is there are many ways to drive profitability. We just must be more diligent and smarter than ever. We must manage every line item on our P&L’s. The question to be asked is do we go after $100 in missing food, unauthorized discounts, careless repair and maintenance issues the same as we do a $100 cash shortage? If the answer is not 100% yes, then the Loss Prevention/Asset protection section within our Pillars of Execution contains many proven best practices that have been gleaned from over 60,000 Zenput using locations around the globe.

Did you know that Zenput can help us drive profitability? There are many ways that Zenput can help. Here are a few ways that many users are maximizing profitability:

  • Cash audits: Are you ensuring that your tills and safe amounts are accurate.
  • Deposit verification: Are deposits correct? Are they timely? (No floating deposits). Are procedures being followed.
  • Vendor accountability: Many users have found that vendors sometimes short deliveries, and the request for credits get lost in the noise. If you find that the costs being reported at the store level do not match your P&L’s, this may be one of the root causes.
  • Variable cost accountability: Are you looking at variable cost opportunities too long after they happen? Take corrective actions on a daily basis – every tenth counts!
  • Waste logs: Get a handle on what is really happening to the food in your stores. Track down the items that are really stinging and take the corrective actions necessary.
  • Bad order accountability: Identify issues with high or unusual bad orders. Are they legitimate? Is a cash shortage being covered up? Could it be theft?
  • Price change/discount audit: Ensure that your products are being charged correctly. Are employee meals/discounts being handled per policy? Do you see “food trades?”
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