Advanced Project Completion Report

The Advanced Project Completion Report is available for gathering data on multiple projects. It provides a better sense of the effectiveness of the processes that are rolled out. To get high-level insights into completion rate to mobilize and coordinate with your teams to drive better compliance. 

The Advanced Project Completion Report is available based on your package. For more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

  1. From the web-app in the Reports tab, click on 'Create Report', then projects and select Advanced Project Completion Report and click 'Create Report'. 
  2. Then you can select how you want to filter the report. 
    By Any or one or multiple projects. 
    By a specific location, state, country, or region.
    By all or a specific team.
    By a specific time frame.
    As well as you can filter by attributes.
  3. Once you have selected the data that you want to export the report for. Below is what to expect:
    It will contain two tabs in export. The Project Report and the filter Configuration selected for the export. 
    The Columns the report will contain are:
    The specific locations that were assigned the tasks. 
    Location Count 
    Overall tasks count of how many tasks were completed for each location.
    Completion pct change from the previous instance of when the project was assigned and completed. 
    Projects that have been archived will also appear in this report if captured within the same timeframe that is being exported. 
    Columns for each project with a project completion percentage. 
    (If it is blank, that project was not assigned to that location)

If you have any concerns, please reach out to

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