Project Completion with Failures

  1. From the web-app, go to Reports and select the Projects tab. 
  2. From this window, select Project Completion with Failuresmceclip0.png
  3. From here you can filter by a specific or all teams, a specific role, a specific date range, Project Frequency, Form Category.
  4. Once done, click Export and your report will be emailed to you.
  5. Once you receive your email, you will be able to open and access the report that will look like below.
  6. Once completed you will have a view of the following; Overall Completion, which is then broken down to individual projects, as well as an 'In Progress' view. Similar to the completion view however shows projects that are still running and allows us to have a snapshot view of all overall progress including failures.

In the report, we can see:

  1. The date on which the report was generated at the top left of the screen,
  2. The date range of the project, in this example the range was set to yesterday.
  3. The role that was selected for the report, if any. 
  4. Repeats: The project occurrence. 
  5. Due: When the project is due
  6. Overall: The overall percentage of all the projects for the report. 
  7. The teams and locations according to the hierarchy
  8.  A 'Completed' view, these are the Projects that have already been submitted and completed on a user basis. 
  9. The specific project completion percentage, time to complete and the fail rate.
  10. On the right, the 'In-Progress' similar to the 'Completed' view, this shows projects that are currently being worked on by your locations.
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