Project Completion by Location Report

1. From the web app, click on the "Reports" tab and click on "Create New Report" in the top right-hand corner. 

2. From the next window, click the "Performance" tab and select "Project Completion by Location" and click on "Create Report".


3. From the reports window, you will pick a specific team for which you want to export the report, or use the default 'any' option.



4. You can Export or Save the report. Once exported, you will receive the .XLSX file in your email which you can have downloaded.



It will provide the following information:

  1. The locations the projects were assigned to.
  2. The names of the projects.
  3. A Yes or No indicating if the location completed the project.
  4. If blank, the project was not assigned.
  5. The overall score of each location and overall score for the projects. 

Please reach out to or via the chat on the app if you have any questions! 

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