Key Performance Indicators Report

The KPI report is based on the calculated field in a form.

  1. From the web-app in the Reports tab, click on "Create Report" in the top right-hand corner. 
  2. Then select Locations from the window and click "Key Performance Indicator"
  3. From the next window, you must select a form. Then you can select by a specific or any Team and/or Role, as well a specific timeframe. 
  4. Once you have selected your filters, you can export or save the report. Once you export the report, it will arrive to your email in CSV. format. 
    1. It will contain the name of the Form the report was pulled for.
    2. The date and time the report was generated.
    3. The specific date range the report was generated for.
    4. The name of the teams and locations.
    5. If chosen the specific role, the report was generated for. 
    6. The final scores and number of submissions for this form at each location.
    7. The most recent final score, the date of the submission, and submission link for the form submission. 
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