User Activity Report

The User Activity Report will provide a breakdown containing information such as number of visits to a location where a form was completed, the total time to complete the forms (cumulative), and how many times and how long it took to complete each form based on a specific role. 

  1. From the web-app go to Reports
  2. Select "User Visit Activity"
  3. From here you can filter by a specific or all teams, a specific role, and a specific date range. 
  4. Once you receive your email, you will be able to open and access the report that will look like below. 
    It will contain the following information.
    1. The date and time the report was generated in the top left hand side. 
    2. The date criteria of when the report was pulled for.
    3. The role the User Activity Report is reporting on.
    4. If not filtered by a specific team, each team and location the user has visited. 
    5. Total visits - How many times the user with this role visited the location and submitted a form
    6. Total time - How long it took the user to complete all the forms for all the visits combined. (hh:mm)
    7. Name of the form - Contains how many times the form was submitted and how long it took for the form to be completed. (hh:mm)
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