Reports for Forms

Below are steps on how to export a report for an individual Form in your account, based on the questions in the form. 

  1. From the web-app go to Reports and select Forms or go to the Form tab. 
  2. Select the Form you wish to pull a report on. 
  3. Enter the filters you wish to highlight or are looking to filter the submissions based on. 
  4. Then you can export the report as needed or save and have a copy of the report based on your filters arrive at a specific time and day on a recurring basis. 

  5. Here is what the report will look, after you open it from your email. 

    From the .csv view you will have more information. 
    1.  Location: where the form was submitted
    2.  Location External Key: external key for location 
    3.  Submitted: which user submitted the form
    4. Date Submitted: date the form was submitted
    5. Form questions & responses, as well as photos and photo notes (if any notes added)
    6. Project: the project names the form submission corresponds to
    7. Distance from location: where the form was submitted from regarding the location 
    8. Time to complete: how long from it took to complete from when the task was opened until it was submitted. (hh:mm:ss) 
    9. Timezone: of where location is 
    10. Location map: map link of location
    11. Submission Legacy id: form submission id. (Used for API purposes)
    12. Submission id: form submission id. (Used for API purposes)
    13. Submission link: form submission link for Zenput users
    14. PDF link: once you click on the report, it will generate a pdf once it is available. . (Available via the web-app and/or mobile app)
    15. Task Opened at: Date and time when the task was made available
    16. Task Opened: the time from when the task became available to when the task was submitted. 
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