How to: Set/Update your notification settings from your mobile device

If you are not receiving emails or push notifications and know you should be receiving notification this is how you can update your settings. From the Zenput mobile application, it is possible to change your default notification settings.

Here's how to change your notification settings:

  • Open the Zenput menu in your mobile application
  • Select 'Settings'
  • Here is what the default notification settings are set to on a mobile device:
  • Select 'Notifications

  • Select the notification you would like to adjust and select from the available options and click 'Done' and 'Save' to save your changes. 
    Note* We recommend having both emails & push notifications set where possible. 


Here is how to allow and customize which notifications you want to receive via Android devices:

Go to Settings>Apps & Notifications if it is not under Recently opened apps you can click on "See all ## apps"  and select Zenput

From the next window make sure to select the toggles on the following notification options: "Show notifications" "Push notification" and "Actions" especially. 

Another step to ensure a sound notification has been selected for default notifications is by going to Setting> Sound>Advanced and making sure a sound is selected for "Default notification sound" 


Here is how to allow and customize which notifications you want to receive via iOS devices: 

Go to 'Settings' > 'Notifications' and from there make sure to "Allow Notifications" (the green toggle means active) and to allow "Sounds" to play and "Badges" to appear (the green toggle should be showing). 

If after 24 hours you are still not receiving notifications please contact us at 


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