What is a recurring project and how do I create one?

A recurring project is a set of tasks that repeats on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). 

A good example for using a recurring project would be a monthly store visit by a district manager.
In this instance, you would have a project that starts on the first day of the month and recurs every mont (or until you decide to end it).

Recurring Projects can take place on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intervals.

You will also be given the option to select if you would like the project to be auto archived when the due date has passed. Auto archiving will remove any left over tasks from your user's task list. If you choose not to have the projects automatically archive, you will need to archive them yourself when you decide you no longer want the projects associated tasks to show up in your user's overdue tasks list.

*Note: We HIGHLY recommend using Auto Archive when setting up daily recurring tasks. Failure to do so could result in your users having a large amount of overdue tasks.

More information on auto archiving a project can be found here


In the screenshot above, I am setting up a monthly recurring project, that will recur on the 1st day of every month. I set the start date for this project to 7/1/2017.

You can also select the end date for the recurring project. Here are the choices for end dates:

  • Never- The project will continue recurring until you decide to stop it.
  • After- Allows you to select the exact number of times you would like the project to recur.(Ex. Selecting 5 will cause the project to stop being created after 5 months.                       
  • On-  Will allow you to select an exact date you would like to stop creating recurring projects on.

Additional options for daily recurring projects

  • Due on - Date Assigned or Between- If you are setting up a daily recurring project, you can choose to have the project open for the entirety of day, or during a certain time window within a day. Selecting "between" will allow you set the hours that you would like the task completed in. (Ex. Having a morning checklist due between 8am and 10am.


Select the create button and you have now created a recurring project that will repeat within the guidelines you have chosen.

Once created, you will be able to differentiate a recurring project from a normal project by the blue recurring symbol under the due date of the project.


As always, If you need help setting a recurring project up for your company please contact Support@Zenput.com

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