Using the Zenput manager views on Zenput

Using Zenput manager views will help you sort the Zenput dashboard in order to see only information relating to a specific team within your organization. This feature is helpful when you only need to see the progress of a team in a project or view submissions relating to only a specific team. 

Example: You are the manager of the Western region of your company's stores. When logging in to Zenput, it would probably be more helpful to view only tasks/submissions/dashboards that fall under the jurisdiction of your team. With Zenput manager views, you will be able to filter the data shown in your Zenput account to only data that applies to your team.

On Web:

  1. Select the drop-down team filter at the top of the Zenput screen

  2. Start typing the name of the team you would like to sort by (ex. western region) or scroll to the desired team and select.

  3. The dashboard will then sort with only data from this team. This search will also follow you as you navigate Zenput. You can now see Projects, Tasks, Reports, Locations, and Users that are associated with only your desired team.

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