Pending Uploads- Submit Forms While Offline

Are you in a location with a dodgy internet connection? With Zenput, you can still fill out a form, save it, and send it when you regain internet connection.

How to submit forms while offline

  1. To start, open the Zenput mobile app.
  2. Find the form that you would like to fill out. Go through and answer the questions until it is complete
  3. Then, click Submit. Upon doing so you will get a message that you are offline, but your form will be moved to a folder in your menu titled "Pending Uploads". 
  4. Go ahead and continue to fill out forms while offline as needed. The number of saved forms will populate both in the red circle at the top of your screen and in the side menu next to Pending Uploads.
  5. As soon as you regain internet connection, Open the Zenput application and click on Pending Uploads. As soon as you do you will receive a message that says "Upload Complete".


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