How to: Routing of form submissions (Admin)

In Zenput you have the ability to send a copy of all form submissions to additional people. This could mean other people within your organization, vendors, or really anyone with an email address. 

How to Send a Copy of Completed Forms to Additional People

  1. To start, you will need to go to your Form Builder. To do so, from the Forms Page ( )  find the form title, and click the pencil to edit.Screen_Shot_2019-05-08_at_2.43.04_PM.png
  2. Once in the Form Builder, click 'Triggers'.Screen_Shot_2019-05-08_at_2.51.08_PM.png
  3. In the 'Send Submission to' field select if you would like to send to the Form Submitter (the person who submitted the form), Location Email (the e-mail of the location where the form was submitted from), and/or Dropbox (if enabled). Under "Also Send To" choose who you would like the form to go to and/or enter the email address where you would like a copy of the form submission to go as well. (You can send to email, role or existing Zenput user)                Screen_Shot_2019-05-08_at_4.16.07_PM.png
  4. If you need to add multiple recipients. Use the plus sign to add another input box.
  5. After this form is submitted a copy of the completed form submissions will be sent to the specified recipients. 
    NOTE* If sending to an existing Zenput user or role, the receiving user must have their alert notification setting set to either "Email" or "Email & Push Notifications" in order to receive the submission email. For more information on how to set user notifications settings see Changing Notification Settings
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