Automatically Send a Copy of Forms to Additional People

In Zenput you have the ability to send a copy of all form submissions to additional people. This could mean other people within your organization, vendors, or really anyone with an email address. 

How to Send a Copy of Completed Forms to Additional People

  1. To start, you will need to go to your Form Builder. To do so, from the Forms Page find the form title, and click Edit on the far right side of the screen.
  2. Once in the Form Builder, click Form Options.
  3. In the Send a copy to box enter in the email address where you would like a copy of the form submission sent.
  4. If you need to add multiple email addresses you can do this, just separate each email address with a comma.

  5. After this form is submitted a copy of the completed form submissions will be sent to the specified email address(es).
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