Attach a Photo To a Question Description (Admin)

In Zenput, you can attach a photo directly to a question in your form template. This allows you to show your team what something "should look like". This is extremely beneficial if you have a planogram that needs to be set up, or a new promotion to roll-out. 

How to Attach a Photo

  1. Open up the Form Builder.
  2. Add in a new question (by dragging it into the builder), or click on an existing question within the builder. 
  3. On the right side of the page, click on 'Attach media'.
    (Please keep in mind the file must be a .jpeg or .png, we also highly recommend it be a square so that image does not get cut off.)
  4. This allows you to select a saved photo from your computer.


  5. Then when a mobile user opens up this form on their device, they will have access to that photo by clicking the instruction icon next to the question.

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