Form Question Types, Definitions and Usage

Wondering what types of questions to use in your form? Wonder no more! Read below to get an idea of how each type of question is used.


Adding a text question requires that the person who fills out the form adds in their own text.

Example of Question

Describe the appearance of the store?

Example of Answers
Very Clean!



These types of questions require a number answer.

Example of QuestionsHow many label facings are there?
How many displays are present?
In dollars, how much does our product cost?

Examples of Answers
2, 3, 5

Multiple Choice

This type of question is great if you need the user to select the best answer from various options. When you ask a question with multiple answer choices please first type the question in the Title box. Then, type in the various choices in the Options box. Keep in mind that you will need to separate each choice with a comma.

Example QuestionWhich best describes the store’s bathroom?Options: Sparkly clean, clean, kind of gross, nasty beyond belief

Example Answers Sparkly Clean,Clean. You can also add a follow up question that is dependent on a specific answer. More information on dependent questions can be found here 




A checkbox question requires the user to check a box for the answer. This could be a checklist or asking if a question/product exists or not.

Example Questions
- Display is set up
- Product is in primary location

Example Answers



If you use this type of question, it will automatically capture the date. You can also capture the time by clicking on the check box that says “include time with date”. Below is what it looks like for the user.IMG_8522.PNG



This asks the user a question that requires a yes or no answer. (You can also choose to allow N/A as an option)
Example Questions
Is the gas pump calibrated?

Example Answers
(Check yes, no or N/A (if there are no gas pumps at location)- below is what it looks like for users)Form_Builder___Zenput1-1.png



This type of question lets a user start and stop a timer, as well as enter time manually if necessary.
Normal Stopwatch: Choosing the ‘Stopwatch’ option performs exactly as you would expect: After the user presses the ‘Stopwatch’ button, a stopwatch will begin. When the user is done, they simply hit stop and the time will be saved. Manual Stopwatch: This stopwatch option makes the stopwatch act more like a time selector. (Example: A question asks “How long until you were greeted once entering the building?”) Rather than having the form submitter start and stop the stopwatch, they can simply enter the amount of time something took by setting the time manually.
*Note: Manual stop watch must be enabled in the question options from the form builder.Form_Builder___Zenput-2.pngForm_Builder___Zenput1-2.png


This type of question asks the user to rate an aspect of your business on a predetermined scale (ex: 1-10, 1-100).
Example Question
How clean is the bathroom (1 being the dirtiest, 10 being the cleanest)?

Example Answer


 (how it appears on the users screen)


This field asks that the user enter in an email address. They can either type in the email address(es) manually, or click on the blue contact icon and select the address(es) from their address book. IMG_8525.PNG


This field asks that a user take a photo. User will also be able to add notes describing photo when necessary.

Example Question: Take a photo of counter display:IMG_8526-1.PNG


This field will allow a user to take a video and attach to submission. Video can be added from a mobile devices gallery, or can be taken on the fly using the device's camera. A user will also have the ability to add notes to the video when necessary. 



This field allows a user to capture a barcode while out in the field. The submitter has the option to scan a barcode in with their mobile device's camera or manually enter using the keyboard.IMG_8528.PNG


This field allows a user to capture a signature while out in the field.rsz_1screen_shot_2014-08-01_at_21018_pm.png


This field will display instructions to a user. These instructions appear as grey, italicized text and will not appear in reports.



Will insert break in form to allow for a new section. These sections are most often used to differentiate between groups of tasks. (E.G. Interior vs. Exterior questions.)IMG_8530.PNG


Will ask a user to select from a list of locations that have been uploaded to the company account. If the users location sharing is turned on, Zenput will automatically look for the nearest location using the user's GPS coordinates. If, for some reason, the closest location does not automatically load, the submitter can start typing the location's name and Zenput will sort against all company locations. IMG_8531.PNG



A formula will give a score based on how questions in the form are answered. A formula is calculated by SUM (addition) SUB (subtraction) AVG (average) or PCT (percentage). When setting up a formula, you simply select how you would like to calculate the score and select the questions you would like included in the calculation. In the case of multiple choice and yes/no questions, you may also be asked to assign a value to the specific answer in order to calculate a score.



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