What can I see in the locations page in the mobile app? (Submitter)

The Locations page of the Zenput mobile will show you a list of locations that are loaded into your Zenput account that are relevant to your position in the company hierarchy.

*Note - If you don't see a location and cannot locate the location by using the search bar, it may be because you are not part of that store's hierarchy. To assist in fixing this problem you will need to contact the person at your company responsible for managing the Zenput account.

Note: Are your Location Services switched ON? Location services must be turned on for the closest locations to populate within your Zenput app. How to turn location services on

Location List

The locations that are closest to your devices GPS will be listed first. If you are looking for a location that is not showing up in the list, simply start typing the name of the location in the search bar and a type-ahead will show up, which will allow you to select and view the location you are trying to find.

The Location Page will display information similar to the dashboard. All information displayed in the location view will be sorted to only display relevant information pertaining to the location you are viewing.

Summary: Shows Tasks, Task completion rate in relation to the rest of that location's team, In progress projects at the location, recurring projects that happen at the location and the completion rate of those tasks, Top workflows triggered at the location, and questions most frequently answered no.


Tasks:  Tasks due at the location, that are overdue, due today, due this week, or upcoming.


Activity: A list of the most recent submission at the location, in chronological order.


Recurring: A break down of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly recurring project completion statistics.


Gallery: A place where you can see all of the pictures taken for a Location and uploaded via a form submission. To access this new feature in our mobile app, just navigate to any Location and tap the "Gallery" tab.



Info: All relevant information about a locations contact details and address information. You will find a map here as well as all store ownership information.



If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@zenput.com

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