How do I add a location?

Using Locations in Zenput makes it easy for users to indicate where they are completing their work.
**Please keep in mind that only Administrators may add/edit Locations (Managers and Submitters: please contact your account owner to add a Location).

How to Add Locations:

  1. Click on the Locations tab on your Zenput Dashboard.
  2. Then click Add Location. 
  3. This pulls up a new box where you are asked to enter in info about the Location.


  4. The first field is Name. Typically the store name is the store number, or a mix between the name and number (ex: 01 or Zenput - 01). 
  5. Enter in the exact address, city, country, region, and zip code. Phone number and email address are optional. 
  6. The External Key is how we identify the location in our system. Generally, this is just the store number or name of the location. Make sure you don't use any spaces.
  7. Here you can also assign any Tags to the store location. 
  8. Make sure to assign the Parent Team for the location.
  9. Click "Create Location".

If you have any questions about adding locations, or if you have to bulk upload many locations, feel free to reach out to us at

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