How To: Add locations (Admin)

Adding/Activating new "stores/restaurants" or Locations as they're called in Zenput is easy. This is the best way to track where users are completing their work.

disclaimer.png Please note:

  • Once you have added a new location you will need to assign it a location owner (user) so that projects are assigned to the user at the location, as well as make sure the location is under the correct team.

  • Ensure the location is only in ONE TEAM.
  • If you have any active recurring daily projects, it will take 48 hours for the location to be assigned said project/task. All other projects will be available on the next occurrence. 
  • Only Administrators may add/edit Locations.

    • (Managers and Submitters: please contact your account admin to add/edit/delete a Location).

How to Add Locations:

  1. Click on the 'Locations' tab on your Zenput Dashboard.
  2. Then click 'Add Location'. 
  3. This pulls up a new box where you are asked to enter in info about the Location.
  4. The first field is Name. Typically the store name is the store number or a mix between the name and number (ex: 01 or Zenput - 01). 
  5. Enter the exact address, city, country, state or province, region, and zip code. The phone number and email address are optional. 
  6. The External Key is how we identify the location in our system. Generally, this is just the store number or name of the location. Make sure you don't use any spaces.
  7. Here you can also assign any General Attributes to the store location. 
  8. Make sure to assign the Parent Team for the location.
  9. Click 'Create Location'.

To assign tasks and allow the location to submit forms you must add a user as a location owner. 

  1. You will now need to add a user account (also known as the location owner) to the location so that they are able to submit tasks and forms and see when tasks are assigned. 
    Below are some helpful articles to follow when adding a user account: 
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  2. Once the new user account has been set up, it needs to be linked with its corresponding location. You can do this from the Hierarchy page, by going to the location and clicking on the three dots to 'Edit Location' where you can then select the user you just created.
  3. The hierarchy should look as follows> The store location under its appropriate district/region >The user account as the owner of the location as well. 

If you have any questions about adding locations, or if you have to bulk upload many locations, feel free to reach out to us at

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