What are locations and how can I use them? (Admin)

Locations are an integral part of every Zenput account. Each physical place where a form is submitted is a location. Locations make it easy to track issues, activity and users in your account. 

With every task completed and form submitted at a location, an organized database is created. Within Zenput, you can view all activity at a Location, identify issues, track progress, and make any necessary changes.

  • Red pin on map
  • Indicates the location the form was submitted from. 
  • Blue pin on map
  • Indicates the exact GPS coordinates of a location.


If you go into the 'Locations' tab from the left navigation bar, clicking on a specific location will pull up that location's profile. Location profiles will display all the information about that store, recent submissions, and tasks assigned to that store. 

If you have just a few locations you would like to add, you can add them yourself (Admin)Click here to learn how. 


Zenput supports all US and international addresses. If you have many locations you need to be uploaded, please contact support@zenput.com.

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