How do I create and edit a team? (Admin)

Setting up teams in Zenput is easy, and is the best way to keep groups of Users organized and delegate which tasks should go to whom when creating a project. Here is another helpful article on the hierarchy as a whole: How-to: Creating the hierarchy of my organization with teams (Admin)

How to Create a Team:
  1. From the Dashboard click on 'Hierarchy'.
  2. Click 'Create New' and choose 'Create Team' in the top right corner from the drop-down options. 
  3. Name the Team.
  4.  Then, add Users to the team by typing their name and selecting them or searching for the location from the drop-down list. They will appear on the right-hand side under Hierarchy Preview once selected. 
  5. Choose which locations the Users should have access to from the drop-down list, the locations will show up under the Hierarchy Preview once selected as well (below is a preview of what this looks like). Usually, the users for the corresponding locations are added to a team at the same time here. 
  6. Not necessary but if your team has a Parent Team (i.e. A specific region that the Team reports to) this is where you would add it. 
    Choose which Region the team reports to and it will also appear under the Hierarchy Preview.
  7. "Click Create Teamand you're all set. 


How to Edit a Team:

There are several things you should be aware of when editing teams. Tasks, projects, and alerts can be set up by team, adding or removing users from teams can effect those actions too. For example: If you remove the Area Manager from the team 'Area 1234', and alerts are sent to the role 'Area Manager'. Because you removed the area manager from that team, no one will then receive the alerts set to go to the Area Manager for Area 1234. Just be aware of all the implications of deleting or adding users to teams.

  1. From the Dashboard click on 'Hierarchy'.
  2. From the Hierarchy page on the right-hand side click on the Team name you would like to edit and when the three dots appear click 'Edit Team'
  3. From the Edit Team page, you can then edit the name of the team, add more locations/users, or remove users/locations, etc. Once your changes are done press 'Save' to save your changes. 

If you have any questions about creating/editing teams, feel free to reach out to us at

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