What are teams and how do I use them in the Hierarchy?

What are Teams?

Teams allow you to organize individuals and groups of people in a way that mirrors the hierarchy in your organization. Setting up teams allows you and others to easily manage people and places.


  • Easily share forms to a specific subset of people in your organization
  • Establish an accurate hierarchy of your organization
  • Creates a foundation for setting up alerts


In my organization, I have stores, districts, and regions. When creating a location, a team for that location is automatically created in the hierarchy, this location needs to have an owner assigned to it and should then be added to the district team it rolls up to.

Once I have the store level team created, I move up to division level teams. I create division level teams and add stores to each division.

The next team level is the region. I create a regional team and add in the various divisions. 

The last team I need is one for my entire organization. In this enterprise team, I include all regions and executive-level folks that are not a part of another team. Setting my team up in this way ensures that notifications travel properly and vertically up my organization, and makes it easier for me to distribute forms in bulk.
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