Stopwatch as a form question now available!

“Stopwatch” is a new question type that administrators can add to forms in a Zenput account.

 There are two ways to utilize the new stopwatch field: an actual stopwatch, or a time field entered manually  by the submitter.


  1. Stopwatch - Choosing the ‘Stopwatch’ option performs exactly as you would expect: After the user presses the ‘Stopwatch’ button, a stopwatch will begin. When the user is done, they simply hit stop and the time will be recorded.Form_Builder___Zenput.png
  2. Manual Entry- This stopwatch option makes the stopwatch act more like a time selector. (Example: A question asks “How long until you were greeted once entering the building?”) Rather than having the form submitter start and stop the stopwatch, they can simply enter the amount of time something took by setting the time manually.Form_Builder___Zenput1.png

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