3 Ways to View Your Data on web

In Zenput there are three different ways in which you can view your data. Each view has its own unique advantage. Below we’ve listed the three data views and an example for how to best use them.

  • Graphic Dashboard
    You should use this Dashboard if you’d like to look at your data in easy-to-read graphs. Multiple choice questions are shown in a bar graph, number questions are represented by the average of the values, and all other questions are depicted through a pie graph.

    We recommend looking at your data with graphs if you’ve used a lot of structured questions. Structured questions are ones that have definitive answers. These are your yes/no, multiple-choice, and number questions (just to name a few).

  • List View

    The List View is the most useful if you would like to see the specific results of each question in a form submission. The List View presents information in a table with the questions at the top of each column. This view is really great if you are detail-oriented and want to look at specifics. Additionally, hitting the 'select questions' menu tab under the search bar will allow you to pick which questions you would like to view in the list. This is helpful for long forms where you want to only view the certain data points                                                                                                 
  • Gallery View
    The Gallery View is useful for forms that require submitters to upload many photos. All images are divided up by question. So for example, below is a Gallery View of the photo field titled "Take a photo of the gas prices". 

    This view gives you an easy way to compare photos from multiple users and submissions in one organized area.

    Advanced Search: In all the views you have the ability to utilize the Advanced Search functionality. Advanced Search allows you to sort your data by almost any factor that you may want. This could be a date, question, answer, submitter, and many more. So for example, below the data is sorted in List View by Location (Chevron). If you would like to add additional parameters to sort by clicking the "+" icon.



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