How do I get my people involved?

The real benefit of Zenput is gathering data on your business. Think about it! The more people, the more data… So let’s shout it from the mountain tops and send out those invites!

3 tips to get your people involved:

  1. Inform
    First, let your people know that you will be inviting them to use Zenput. You don’t want them to receive an invitation email or text and not know what in the world they're being invited to. 
    Here is a video on how to send an invitation from the web-app
    Here is an article to send to the users on how to accept the invitation by downloading and creating an account. 

  2. Assign Tasks and Projects
    After you’ve spread the word about Zenput, start assigning your forms as Tasks or Projects for your team to complete. That way, they will know what needs to be done at each location from the very first time they open up the app.
    Here's how to distribute forms so that they're always available and not assigned as a task. 
    Here's how to assign a project

  3. Repetition
    You know what they say: practice makes perfect. Zenput is really no different. Strive to get your people in the rhythm of using Zenput. Every time they step foot in a location, they should have their phone out and their Task List opened- no excuses. 
    Here's an article on how to set up task notifications 
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