Ask the Right Questions

Using Zenput successfully means asking the right questions to gather the right data.

4 tips for asking the right questions

  1. Have a goal
    Know exactly what data you want to collect. Having the end goal in mind before you start listing off questions will help your form be more pointed, direct, and useful.

  2. Use quantitative questions
    In Zenput quantitative questions include Multiple Choice, Rating, Yes/No, Checkbox, and Number. 

    These types of questions are highly recommended for a couple of reasons. One, they help you gather concrete data quickly. And two, they are super easy for your users to fill out. Your users will not have to get creative by writing descriptions and spelling out problems. Rather they simply make a selection, check a box and send over data in seconds.

  3. Qualitative questions
    We love qualitative questions! These are your photos and videos. 

    Do you want to see if the shelf is stocked, how clean the bathroom is, and if your brand is well-represented? Of course you do! Photos and videos are the quickest way for your users to share an accurate story about your business.

    We recommend that you use qualitative questions in conjunction with quantitative questions. Use the quantitative questions for the hard facts and then the qualitative questions to back up those facts.

  4. Keep it short
    Put yourself in your users’ shoes. When they are out in the field what will help them be most efficient? Keep your questions short, concise and well-organized.
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