Adding dependent questions to a form

Dependent questions give you the ability to ask a follow up question when the form submitter answers a multiple choice or yes/no question in a certain way.

This will allow you to gain further insight into specific issues, should it be required.

For example; A submitter is filling out a store survey and a question is answered indicating the bathroom does not meet company cleanliness standards. 

With dependent questions, when "Does bathroom cleanliness meet company standards?" is filled out as "no", a new set of questions can be generated to help describe the problem so that a fix can be quickly implemented.

How to build a form using dependent questions.

  1. In the form builder, select the question you would like to add a dependent question to. (Must be yes/no, or multiple choice question)                                                
  2. Select "Add additional questions for specific answer" and then select the criteria for which the follow up question will appear. (In this case since we would like to know more only if the the bathroom does NOT meet cleanliness standards, so we've selected "no")
  3. Select the type of follow up question you would like to ask (In this case, Photo) and click add.                                                                                                              
  4. Add any more follow up questions necessary by clicking the question selection icon and hit +add button. This will allow you to select multiple follow up questions. 
  5. Hit Preview in order to view and test your question to make sure your question functions as expected.      
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