Adding dependent questions to a form (Admin)

Dependent questions give you the ability to ask a follow-up question when the form submitter answers a  question in a certain way.

This will allow you to gain further insight into specific issues, should it be required.

For example; A submitter is filling out a store survey and a question is answered indicating the bathroom does not meet company cleanliness standards. 

With dependent questions, when "Does bathroom cleanliness meet company standards?" is filled out as "no", a new set of questions can be generated to help describe the problem so that a fix can be quickly implemented.

You have the ability to add up to two levels of dependent questions to a form.

How to build a form using dependent questions:

  • Dependent questions are available on yes/no, number, checkbox, multiple-choice or temperature questions only. 
  • You CANNOT have a dependent question for both yes and no options in a question.

Multiple-Choice Dependent Question

With multiple-choice questions, you can allow multiple answers as well as add a dependent question based on the response. 

(In the example below, multiple answers are allowed, and a dependent question will be triggered if it is Expired with a follow-up question)

Submitters will see this once the dependent answer is triggered:

Yes/No Dependent Question

With yes/no questions the pass/fail option is always required.


Once you have labeled the yes/no question accordingly, you can decide the pass/fail rating however you'd like. (ex. Are the umbrellas in good working condition? In this case, a yes= fail and a no= pass.)


Once the Pass/Fail has been set up. You can then click "Enable Dependent Questions" to configure a follow-up when a question Passes or Fails. 
(Ex. Are the umbrellas in good working condition? When the answer is no it will prompt a follow-up checkbox stating that the "Umbrella has been fixed and replaced", and a picture provided as proof.


This is what the form will look like to the submitter: 

Temperature-dependent question: 

From the Dashboard click on "Forms" and select the form you would like to edit. 

Next, select the question you would like to edit and make sure to click the box "Enable Pass/Fail Range."


Click the drop-down arrow next to 'Select preset range' and you can choose from preset temperatures or enter the temperature(s) you would like to meet pass/fail criteria. (Preset temperatures are provided by FDA guidelines and can be edited after selection to suit your needs) 


From there you can enable dependent questions and choose if you would like it to display the dependent question when the answer is a pass, fail, both pass and fail, or Neutral. (i.e. In this example if the ice water temperature fails the question "Why is it so low?" and the Photo field will appear. 


And you're all set! This is what the form will look like to the submitters if the temp reading is a fail. 



Please reach out to us at if you have any issues or questions adding dependent questions to a form. 

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