How to: Distribute a Form so it is always available to complete (Admin)

You’ve done the hard work of creating a form and now comes the fun part, sending it out and collecting data! In order to get a form out to your users, you must distribute the form to your users (giving them access to fill out the form at any time from the "My Formssection of their Zenput mobile apps).

Distributing a form

  1. From the web app, dashboard view click on 'Forms

  2. Find the form you would like to distribute in the Forms section and select the pencil button to edit

  3. Select the 'Distribute' tab in the form builder.

  4. From the distribute page, you can choose to share a form with:
    All users (typing "ALL")
    A specific individual (typing the name or email of the user you would like to share with)
    A team within your organization (type the name of the teamOr by role (type the name of a role in your account) in the " box in the ad-hoc sharing window.
    How To: Distribute Forms by Role (Admin)

    Once you're done with adding/editing who should have access to the form at all times, make sure to save your changes by clicking 'Publish'. 


    disclaimer.png Please note: When a form is distributed to a child team, you must first remove any distribution that exists to a child team, before being able to distribute to the parent team. An error message appears when trying to do this, distributing to the parent team, before removing any child teams.

If you would like to assign a form as a project or task here are two helpful articles on how to do this, however, please keep in mind doing this allows the form to only be available once during the time you designate:  

    1. article_icon.pngHow do I create a task? 
    2. article_icon.pngCreating a daily recurring project in Zenput (Admin) (Video)
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