How to Build a Form

Wondering how to create a form so you can start gathering data for your team? Below are a series of steps that will help you with this important process.

How to Build a Form from Scratch
    1. To start, Navigate to the Forms section of your Zenput accountDashboard___Zenput2.png
    2. Click "New Form" in the top right corner of your home screenForms___Zenput3.png
    3. You are then brought to the form builder, which has questions types and sections on the left, the form in the middle, and form options to the right (click on the form title to view options). 

    4. Give your form a title. Click on the default title New Form located in the builder, and then type your title in the editable text box that appears on the right.                                          Form_Builder___Zenput4.png

    5. Then, add in questions or sections by dragging and dropping the fields into the builder. Type the specific text for each question/section in the editable text boxes on the right
      Learn more about question types here.Form_Builder___Zenput5.png

    6. To rearrange the order of the question fields, simply drag and drop the field to any part of the form

    7. After you’ve completed your form, click Form Options in the top right corner of your page. This populates the right side of your page with various choices. Look over and select any desired options before distributing your form.Form_Builder___Zenput6.png

    8. Next, 'Preview' your form. Do this to make sure that your questions/sections are in the correct order and the form operates as you intendForm_Builder___Zenput7.png
    9. Once your form is complete, click the Distribute button that is located in the top right corner of your screen and select who should have access to that particular form. Form_Builder___Zenput11.png

    10. You can share forms with specific people in your account, teams, or roles. (Ex. Type in "General Manager" to share the form with all users who are assigned the 'General Manager' role in your Zenput Account)                Form_Builder___Zenput10.png                                                                                                                                      
    11. If you need to send this form with someone who does not yet have Zenput, click "Invite a new user" and enter in your new user's email address or phone number. They will receive an invite to use Zenput and will have access to the form once their account is created

More info on form distribution can be found here 



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