How do I assign an owner to a location?

Assigning owners at your locations is the foundation for how all projects and workflows are created. You can only create projects once your locations have owners. Typically, the owner of a location is the person responsible for managing the location. 

To begin assigning owners to your locations navigate to locations in the Zenput web app.

  1. Find the location for which you'd like to assign an owner, and select it.Locations___Zenput1234.png
  2. Select 'Edit Location' on the top right corner of the screenLocations___Zenput1233.png
  3. Select 'Edit' on the top right of the 'Details' box.Locations___Zenput12345.png
  4. Type the user's name in the 'Location Owners' field. Locations___Zenput123456.png
  5. Select 'Save'.
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