How do I manage which forms the teams in my account have access to?

Did you know that you can manage a team's form access directly from the User's section? Here's how! 

How to Manage Form Access:

  1. From the dashboard select the Users section. Then select the Teams option that appears underneath.Users___Teams___Zenput4.png
  2. Find the team for which you would like to manage form access, and click the drop down menu button.
  3. Select Forms.Users___Teams___Zenput111.png
  4. To give a team access to a form, check the box next to the form. To remove access simply uncheck the box.                                                       Users___Teams___Zenput112.png
  5. You can also choose whether they have access to view/edit only their own submissions, or view/edit all submissions for that form. 

  6. Save changes.
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