How do I edit or delete users to teams in Hierarchy? (Admins)

Once you create a team in Hierarchy, you can always edit the users that make it up. 

Note: There are several things you should be aware of when editing teams. Tasks, projects, and alerts can be set up by team, adding or removing users from teams can effect those actions too. For example: If you remove the Area Manager from the team 'Area 1234', and alerts are sent to the role 'Area Manager'. Because you removed the area manager from that team, no one will then receive the alerts set to go to the Area Manager for Area 1234. Just be aware of all the implications of deleting or adding users to teams.
If you are uncomfortable editing teams because you are worried about messing up those actions, contact us at

How to Edit users in Hierarchy:

Step 1. After clicking on 'Hierarchy' ( Choose the user you want to Edit or Delete by clicking on the three dots and click on 'Edit User'. 


Step 2. From here you can change/reset the password as well as edit their Role and/or Permission as well as Delete the user. 


Step 3. Once you've completed the changes, make sure to click 'Save'

If you want to delete the user: 

Step 3a. Click 'Delete'


Step 4a. Click 'Delete' in the following screen asking you to confirm you want to delete the user. And you're all set!



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