How To: Update users information (Admins)

Once you create a team in Hierarchy, you can always edit the users that make it up. 

How to update a users information:

You can get to this from two places the Hierarchy tab and the Users tab. 

  1. After clicking on 'Hierarchy' or 'Users' Choose the user you want to Edit or Delete by clicking on the three dots and click on 'Edit User'. 

  2. From here you can change/reset the password as well as edit their Role and/or Permission, update their name, address, phone number, and email as well as Delete the user. 
    disclaimer.pngPlease note:
    - When making any edits to roles, users, or the form please keep in mind any triggers set up will have to be edited as well. 
    - If you are using an email or phone number that was previously used, please reach out to and let us know what email or phone number you would like to reactivate or reuse.

  3. Once you've completed the changes, make sure to click 'Save'

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