What are the different kinds of reports ?

If there is certain information you want to view on a regular basis, creating a saved report will allow you to save your search criteria so that you can view submissions that meet those criteria whenever you want or export that data to an Excel file. 

For example: You only want to export or view the submissions when the field 'Overall Score' is less than '60'. You can name the report 'Poor performers", and every time you log into Zenput, simply navigate to that report and view the relevant submissions.

πŸ“Œ Reports are available ONLY on the web-app and for those with Manager and Admin permission privileges. 

πŸ“Œ Report links expire after 30 days.

πŸ“Œ To view all your existing reports, simply go to the 'Reports' page from the left side of the web page. You can either see 'All' reports, or 'Created by Me'. 

Different kinds of reports available via the web-app:

  1. Reports on Forms
  2. User Activity Report
  3. User Submissions Report
  4. Location Activity Report
  5. Key Performance Indicator Report
  6. Project Completion by Location Report
  7. Project Completion by User Report
  8. Project Completion Recap
  9. Project Completion Recap with Failures
  10. Advanced Project Completion Report
  11. Yes/No Rollup Report (Pass/Fail Criteria)
  12. Task Completion Rate Report
  13. Sensor Health Report
  14. Sensor Temp Log Report
  15. Sensor Trigger Report

Reports on Forms:

Reports available for individual forms. 

    1. Select the form you want to export a report for.
    2. From the List view of the form, you can filter the submission data based on team, who it was submitted by, distance from location, location, date submitted, project it was a part of, and/or specific questions in the form.
    3. The report will arrive to your email in csv. format ready to download. 

Reports on User activity & submissions:  

You can export data on 'User Activity' (Location, date & time, time to complete, and distance from location) or 'User Submissions' (User and number of submissions). 

Select the Report you want to export and select "Create Report" .

    1. User Activity Report


    2. User Submissions Report


Locations Reports:

    1. 'Location Activity' (User activity at locations β€” Number of user visits by location).
    2. 'Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)'
      1. Averages the scores from the formula fields in your forms from the date range requested, broken down by team and user.
      2. Shows total number of submissions in the requested date range, broken down by team and user.
      3. Displays the most recent score and the date of submission, by team and user.
        1. Location Activity Report


        2. Key Performance Indicator ReportScreen_Shot_2021-10-08_at_9.09.10_a.m..pngScreen_Shot_2021-10-08_at_9.09.30_a.m..png



Projects Reports:

Export a report of current project completion status by User, or by Location, or export a project completion recap report giving you statistics of project completion by team or across your entire company within a given time frame. Projects with Completion Rates and Failures β€” Form projects with completion, failures and time to complete.

          1. Project Completion by Location Report


          2. Project Completion by User Report


          3. Project Completion Recap

          4. Project Completion Recap with Failures


          5. Advanced Project Completion Report

Performance Reports:

        1. Yes/No Rollup Report (Pass/Fail Criteria)


        2. Task Completion Rate Report

          Note: You will only see a list view of the filtered data for form reports. To see the data for users and locations information, you need to export the data by clicking 'Export' on the top right of the screen.

Sensors Reports:

You can export both sensor & gateway connectivity status including battery level and readings for a location with a summary of triggers with associated tasks and/or alerts. 

        1. Sensor Health Report


        2. Sensor Temp Log Report


        3. Sensor Trigger Report


You can schedule these reports to send on a regular recurring basis as well, here is an article on how to accomplish this: How to: Schedule a report


Please feel free to reach out to support@zenput.com if you have any questions or concerns. 


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