How do I filter reports and compare time periods?

Filtering helps you narrow down form submission data, and only view info/graphs that meets your search parameters. Here's how you do that:

    1. At the top (of Dashboard, list, and gallery), you can select parameters by which to filter all the submission data. You can filter by:
      All Submissions: This shows you all submissions from this specific form.
      Location: Filter form submissions by places/ stores/ locations.
      User or Team: Filter form submissions by an individual User or by a Team.

    2. By default, the search filters are set to show All Submissions within the last 30 days. 

    3. In the dashboard view, you can also compare the data to a different time period. Simply check the 'Compare to' checkbox and select a period to compare to. 


 If you have any questions about filter reports and/or comparing time periods, feel free to reach out to us at

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