Where is the form dashboard and what does it show me?

The Dashboard gives you an easy way to view submission data in easy-to-digest tables, graphs and charts.

Where is the form dashboard?

  1. Go to the 'Forms' tab, find the form you'd like to view, and click on the graph icon on the right side (see below). 


  2. This will bring you to the form's 'Dashboard'. At the top of the dashboard, you can filter the data to see only what you want to see. Examples could be submissions per day, submitter, date submitted, etc. Every question on the form will be shown on the dashboard. The type of visualization depends on the field type. For example, number fields will show averages, multiple-choice will show graphs, etc. 

    You can also compare data from one time period to another. In the filter section at the top, simply check the 'Compare to' checkbox and choose what time period you would like to compare. The dashboard will automatically populate everything with a time period comparison.



If you have any questions about the dashboard, feel free to reach out to us at support@zenput.com

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