How to: Filter and export submission data from list view?

If you would like to filter, view, and export submission data from a form, follow these steps:

Go to the "Reports", click on the form submission you would like to see Screen_Shot_2019-03-01_at_2.25.23_PM.png

Match Any: When clicking "Export" this will include all the filters that you have specified 
Match All: It will export all filters 

disclaimer.pngNote: Here you will be able to filter by the following: 

  • Submitted By
  • Time To Complete
  • Distance from Location
  • Date Submitted 
  • Project
  • Store Name 


Once you have chosen all of your filters, click "Export"
"Excel(Current Filters)"to export only the submission data you selected above.
"Excel (All)" to export all the questions and options regardless of what was chosen. 


disclaimer.pngNote: It will only show and export up to 20 fields at a time. 

You will then receive an email with the Excel file of the submission data, and you're done! 


If you have any further questions, please contact us at or via chat. 

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