Workflows: How do I set automated follow-up tasks to resolve an issue?


When a follow-up tasks or alert is associated with a report, it is called "Workflows" in Zenput. Workflows are located within the "Reports" section of the Zenput web app. To see all "Workflows", go into the "Reports" tab of the Zenput web app and look under "Workflows". 

If you have created a form and distributed it, you may want to automatically generate a task to resolve that issue, whatever the issue may be. (If you want to create an automatic alert, the process is pretty similar- see the article titled How do I create a custom alert to notify someone of an issue? to learn how to do that.)

Here's how you create a follow-up task: 
1. On the web app, navigate to the report's tab and click the blue 'Create Report' button on the top right.Reports___Zenput2.png

2. Select the form that contains the field that you want a task created on. Reports___Zenput4.png

3. Set the criteria for which you want to create follow-up tasks by using the filters.Reports___Zenput.png

For example: You may want to automatically assign a task for the person in charge of compliance if a rating is "less than or equal to 7"

When you set these filters, the existing data in the list view will filter by the parameters.

4. Then, on the top right, click the blue 'Save' button. Reports___Zenput1.png

5. That will take you to the 'Save Report' page, where you can set alerts to be automatically sent when a submission matches your desired criteria, create automated follow-up tasks, and schedule recurring email reports on these parameters (i.e how many times this month did a store score below 50?). 

Press 'Done' and your report is saved!

Here's a sample report. When a submission matching the criteria is submitted, a basic follow up task to be completed in 3 days will be created and assigned to the Mid Level Manager. An alert will also be sent to the store's District Manager notifying them of the issue. 


If you have questions about this process or need help setting up follow-up tasks, please contact

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