Forms - Triggers: How do I set automated follow-up tasks and alerts?


One of the most powerful Zenput features is the ability to create an automated follow up task or alert specific users when a form submission meets a specific set up criteria. These triggers or alerts can be used to make sure that problems that are being called out in form submissions are being fixed in a timely manner and/or that the correct people are being made aware of issues that may be present.

Triggers are created within the "form builder" of the Zenput web app.

Here's how you create a follow-up task from the triggers section of the form builder: 

  1. On the web app, navigate to 'Forms' ( )  and select edit on the form you would like to add a trigger to.Screen_Shot_2018-04-30_at_1_58_25_PM.png
  2. Select 'Triggers' Form_Builder___Zenput66.png
  3.  Select 'Create Trigger' near the bottom of the screenForm_Builder___Zenput67.png
  4. Add the question or questions that you want to set your alerts for.Form_Builder___Zenput69.pngFor example: You may want to automatically assign a task for the role "Store Manager" when the form is submitted with the question "Lights are all working" is answered "No" and make sure that the district manager gets alerted as well. This way, you will automatically make sure that the Store Manager is getting a task to solve the issue present with the lights not working, as well as making sure the District Manager responsible for the location is aware that there was an issue so they can follow up to make sure the issue is resolved.

Setting a follow up task

  1. Select the "Task +" button and start creating our follow up task.


  • Here, We have chosen that when the question "Lights are all working" is answered "No" a follow up task will automatically be assigned to the store manager
    • Notice, we've selected a photo task to follow up with
    • I've allowed for 3 days before this follow up task is due
    • I want to allow for duplicate tasks to be allowed at this location in case there are multiple violations before the task is completed.


Setting an Alert

  1. Select the "Alert +" button and start creating our follow up alert.


  • Again, We have chosen that when the question "Lights are all working" is answered "No" an alert will automatically be generated that will let the district manager know that there is an issue that they need to be aware of. All users who are set to receive an alert will receive a copy of the submission.
    • You can set alerts by 'Role' to be sent to the person who matches that role in the hierarchy of your organization you have set up in Zenput
    • You can set alerts to go to a specific user in your Zenput account (independent of hierarchy)
    • You can also set up alerts to send to an email address if you would like someone outside of your Zenput account to receive a copy of the submission



When you are finished creating your Trigger, Select the green 'Done' button in the lower right hand corner.

You will be taken back to the forms 'Trigger' page where you will see the trigger you just set up in the list of form triggers.72.png


If you would like to make changes to any existing triggers set up in a form, Simply select the trigger from the list on the Triggers page, and you will be brought to the configuration page detailed above where you will be able to make and necessary changes to your follow up tasks or alerts.


If you have questions about this process or need help setting up follow-up tasks, please contact

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