How to: Create & manage trigger automated follow-up tasks? (Admin)

One of the most powerful Zenput features is the ability to create a trigger that automates follow-up tasks or alerts for specific users/roles when a form submission meets a specific set up criteria. These triggers or alerts can be used to make sure that problems that are being called out in form submissions are being fixed in a timely manner and/or that the correct people are being made aware of issues that may be present.

disclaimer.pngPlease note:
When making any edits to roles, users, or forms, any triggers previously set up will have to be updated as well. 

Here are two ways how you can create a follow-up task:


  1. On the web app, navigate to 'Forms'  and select the pencil/edit on the form you would like to add a trigger to.
  2. Select 'Triggers'
  3.  Select 'Create Trigger' near the bottom of the screen

  4. Add the question or questions that you want to set your alerts/triggers for. Before leaving the form builder make sure to save your changes and click 'Publish', you will then see "All changes saved" once the edits have been published and saved. 
    For example, you may want to automatically assign a task for the role "Maintenance" when the form is submitted with the question "Lights are all working" is answered "No" and can even alert the district manager for the location as well by selecting the role under Alerts. This way, you will automatically make sure that the user under Maintenance for that team/location is getting a task to solve the issue present with the lights not working, as well as making sure the District Manager responsible for the location is aware that there was an issue, so they can follow up to make sure the issue is resolved.


  1. On the web app, navigate to 'Forms'  and select edit on the form you would like to add a trigger to.
  2. From the 'Build' section of the Form Builder click on the question you would like to create a trigger for and click on 'Create a Trigger' in the bottom right-hand side.Screen_Shot_2019-11-27_at_3.31.36_PM.png
  3. The question is automatically added to the trigger, and you can proceed with setting up a follow-up task and/or alert. 
  4. Don't forget to save your updates and 'Publish' the changes. 

Setting a trigger automated follow-up task

  1. Select the "Task +" button and start creating our follow-up task
  • Here, we have chosen that when the question "Lights are all working" is answered "No" a follow-up task will automatically be assigned to the store manager
    • Notice, we've selected a photo task to follow up with
    • I've allowed for 3 days before this follow-up task is due
    • I want to allow for duplicate tasks to be allowed at this location in case there are multiple violations before the task is completed.

How to edit existing triggers:

  1. From the web-app navigate to 'Forms'  and select edit on the form you would like to edit the trigger on. 
  2. From the Triggers page, scroll to the trigger you want to edit, and click on the pencil. 

  3. After clicking on the pencil to edit the trigger, make the desired change. (In the example below we updated who the follow-up task is assigned to)
    Remember to click 'Publish' before leaving the page to save your updates.
    Then click 'Done' to be taken back to the triggers page to continue editing. 

If you have questions about this process or need help setting up follow-up tasks, please contact

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