Workflows: How do I create follow-up tasks and alerts for an out of stock product?

How do I create a custom alert or follow-up task to notify a user of an OOS item?

If you have created a form with the OOS Products field and distributed it, you may want to notify someone when a product needs to be restocked. You may also want to generate a task for restocking the product.

Here's how you do that: 
1. On the web app, navigate to the report's tab and click the blue 'Create Report' button on the top right.

2. Select the form that contains the OOS product field that you want an alert or task on. 

3. Select the parameters for which you want to set alerts. To set an OOS Products alert, select OOS Products to: is answered. Now, all the submissions will show the submissions that fit that criteria. 

4. On the top right, then click the 'Save' button. 

5. That will take you to the 'Save Report' page, where you can set follow-up tasks to be automatically assigned when an OOS Product field is filled out, set alerts to certain users or roles, and schedule recurring email reports on these parameters (i.e how many times this month was there an OOS product?). 

Press 'Done' and your report is saved!

With the above settings, every time a form is filled out with a product selected in the OOS Products field, a basic follow up task due 5 days after the task is triggered will automatically be assigned to the District Manager role, and an alert will be sent to everyone who has the 'Executive Team' role. 

If you have questions about this process or need help setting up an OOS alert, please contact

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