How to: Create a task?

Here is a video on how to create a task, you can create one time tasks or add the task to an existing active project for reporting purposes as well. 

  1. Navigate to 'Task' section in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click 'Add Task' in the top right corner.
  3. The Task Bar will appear from the right side of your screen. At the top of the bar, there are three types of tasks: Basic, Photo, Form. Select the Task type you want to create. (To learn more about the different types of tasks, see What different types of tasks are there?). 
  4. After you select the task type, fill out all the relevant information like task title (or choose a form if your task is to complete a form), description, assign to, location, and date due.
  5. (Admin) If you want to add these tasks to an existing project, click 'Add to Project' and choose the project you'd like to add the tasks to. How to create project You can also add a follower to a task or project, who will receive the same updates as a task or project's creator. Here's a photo task being created as part of the "Restaurant Opening Checklist" project:                                   
  6. Then click 'Create'. The assignee(s) will either get an email, text message or push notification (depending on their settings) letting them know that a new task needs to be completed.

If you would like to create multiple one time tasks at once, please see:How to: Import tasks in bulk (Admin)

If you have any questions about creating tasks, please contact us at

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